VCI- or volatile corrosion inhibitor- or a vapor corrosion inhibitor- is a type of technology that makes corrosion protection extremely easy. With the help of vci it is now possible to maintain rust free certain void spaces within a packaging. For example, if you store or ship an important component which is packaged using vci paper, this type of paper will keep the component rust free for as long as needed.

Thanks to vci technology, there will be a protective environment created within these packages. The VCIs practically travel through the air and form an invisible layer of protection upon the metal surface that is included in the packaging. It is extremely important to mention that this invisible film or shield will not alter the properties of the metal in any way. You can use safely vci paper to protect all types of metal items that require protection from rust.

This invisible film basically blocks oxygen and moisture from entering into the enclosed space. Therefore, such corrosive elements will not attack your enclosed items. Just imagine what would happen if important metal components are packed without the use of a VCI paper. Many of these items would face the risk of rusting, and in turn this means great losses for you.

Whenever the metallic component is unpacked from the vci paper, the VCIs basically float away. This means that the machinery components, the metal products or items do not require any degreasing and they can be used without problems immediately after unpacking.

Main advantages of vci paper technology:

  • No need to work extra on removing rust preventatives
  • The items can be used immediately after unpacking
  • No need for constant source of electricity- as required in the case of dehumidification systems in warehouses, storage points or shipping points
  • Vci technology is capable of protecting several types of metals

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