Desiccant edco supply


Product Family Product Number Description
Nox-Rust® Vapor Wrapper® VW60D 60 lb./98 gsm natural kraft. Same as VW35, but provides higher strength and tear resistance
Nox-Rust® Vapor Wrapper® PC55D/PC75D 40 lb./65 gsm or 60lb./98 gsm (PC75D) natural kraft coated with polyethylene. Provides moisture barrier. PC75D provides additional strength. Nitrite Free
Protek Wrap® PW32 35lb./57 gsm natural kraft. General protection of ferrous metals.
Protek Wrap® PW33 35 lb./57gsm natural kraft with specially formulated wax. Enhanced molding and barrier properties. Ideal for hand wrapping small parts.
Military Spec  VW35H Light duty Class 3, Style A, Form B. 35 lb./57 gsm natural kraft. On the QPL for MIL-PRF-3420
Military Spec  VW60H Medium duty Class 2, Style A, form B. 60lb./98 gsm natural kraft. Nitrite-free. On the QPL for MIL-PRF-3420. NSN 8135-00-664-4012
Military Spec 705 Zerust Heavy Duty Kraft/Foil Class 1, Style C, form A. Kraft Foil with Polyethylene and can be made into bags. On the QPL for MIL-PRF-3420.
Uniwrap® MPI Uniwrap 35 MPI 35 lb./57 gsm natural kraft. Protects ferrous and non-ferrous metal combinations including cadmium and zinc galvanized steel.
Coppertex® 35 lb./57 gsm natural kraft. Protects copper, brass, bronze and other copper alloys. Nitrite-free.
Silver Saver® 40 lb./65 gsm bleached white kraft. Protects silver from tarnish. Nitrite-free
Silver-Guard™ 40 lb./65 gsm bleached white kraft, poly coated, infused with silver protective chemicals and prevents tarnish. Available in sheeting or bags
VCI polyethylene film Heat sealable, low density polyethylene 4 mil film with proprietary blend of contact and volatile corrosion inhibitors blended in the film. Multi-metal protection.
Military Spec Ferro-Film XP Military approved, high strength, poly film with exceptional puncture strength for protecting ferrous metals. On the QPL for MIL-PRF-22019 VCI film and MIL-PRF-22020 VCI bags.