Shielding Bags
Military Spec Packaging
Edco Supply Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers and converters of static shielding bags. Our static shield bags are static safe and testable to industry standard. Faraday cage effect of the metalized layer shields electronic devices from ESD and electrostatic fields. 48 gauge metalized polyester – metal in and metal out. Bags can be printed with or without ESD warning symbol. For packaging missiles, explosives powder and electro sensitive devices, micro circuits, semiconductors, thin film resisters and associated airborne components. We also manufacture pink anti-static bags and tubing.


Static Shielding Bags
Transparent, 3.0 mil gauge, metalized bags provide static shielding protection.

Static Shielding Moisture Barrier Bags
Opaque, aluminized bags provide static shielding and moisture protection. Available in 3.6 mil, 6.0 mil and 7.0 mil gauges.

Standard and Custom Sizes
We have a large inventory of ready-made bags in standard sizes for immediate delivery. We can also economically manufacture custom or odd size bags up to 50″ x 200″ in short or large runs with turnarounds in as few as 2-3 days. These bags are heat sealable and suitable for vacuum packaging. Available open ended or with re-closable zipper.

Edco now offers static shielding bags in quantities as low as 100. You can mix and match sizes and quantities, but must meet the $100 minimum order requirement. Place your order by 12:00pm (EST) Mon-Fri and we guarantee same-day shipment!

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SIZE 100 1000 SIZE 100 1000
3 x 5 $6.00/C $60.00/M 9 x 12 $24.00/C $220.00/M
4 x 4 $6.50/C 60.00/M 10 x 12 $26.00/C $240.00/M
5 x 5 $9.00/C $80.00/M 10 x 14 $28.00/C $250.00/M
4 x 6 $6.50/C $56.00/M 12 x 12 $32.00/C $300.00/M
6 x 6 $10.50/C $90.00/M 12 x 14 $36.00/C $340.00/M
5 x 7 $10.50/C $90.00/M 12 x 16 $39.00/C $370.00/M
6 x 8 $11.50/C $100.00/M 12 x 24 $60.00/C $525.00/M
6 x 10 $14.00/C $120.00/M 12 x 18 $40.00/C $365.00/M
8 x 8 $17.00/C $150.00/M 14 x 16 $47.00/C $440.00/M
8 x 10 $18.00/C $155.00/M 16 x 18 $52.00/C $500.00/M
8 x 12 $19.00/C $170.00/M 18 x 18 $60.00/C $565.00/M